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Plant Watering

solution: AquaGlobe
price: $6 on

Plants are good. They provide fresh oxygen. They provide an aesthetically-pleasing environment. All they ask for is a little water and a little sunshine. The sunshine part is easy - stick it in a window. But my fiance and I, with our busy schedules, have not been so good about the water. Funny thing happens when you don't water plants for weeks...or months. They die. This has been a big problem for us - until now!

I give you the Aqua Globe. Yes, this is the same Aqua Globe you have seen on those T.V. infomercials. I am not usually one for "As Seen on T.V." products (they're typically not even half as good as the brilliant stagehands and videographers make them look), but this one is good. It's constructed of decorative blown glass and actually works with the plant to water it when it needs a drink. Just fill your Aqua Globe with water and stick it in the potting soil. As the soil dries, it releases gases. The gases bubbl…

Bicycle Storage

solution: bike hoist
price: $10 - 30

Garage storage solutions are always a fan favorite because people end up putting so much stuff they don't want in the house in there. It generally leads to a cluttered mess. One thing you can do to resolve this situation is look up.

Most of us focus on the garage floor and walls as our storage space, but the truth is there is a lot of available space if you can hang things from the ceiling joists. Today's tip: purchase a bike hoist.

I purchased one of these a few years ago, when living in a Boston apartment (anyone who knows Boston knows apartments aren't really known for their roominess). My girlfriend at the time purchased a bike for me and we were storing it in our hallway. I thought a bike hoist would be great because I could lift the bike to the ceiling in our large hall closet. What a great solution! A pulley system makes it really easy to lift the bike to the ceiling without much effort. It is then locked into place and it's …