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Cable Organization

solution: cable staples

price: $1 - 5 at

Cables are an essential part of today's home. They do a magnificent job of connecting us to the world through television and high-speed Internet. It's tough to imagine life at home without the T.V. or the laptop!

Cabling, when installed properly, can look crisp and neat in your home. But, if you're like my wife and I, you've moved where the television is or where you like to set up your desktop computer or wireless router.And this means moving some cables around, wrapping them around corners, and doing our best to hide them.

Enter today's Efficiency by Erik solution: cable staples.

 Cabling in our general living quarters wasn't too big of a deal. The cables were usually hidden behind furniture, out of sight. But the cables ran into our basement, where it was a different story.

Picture (I wish I had taken one to show you) a modem for phone and Internet and, to that modem - a few wires for the television input, Internet modem, and telephone just dangling from the floor joists above. This was a necessary evil because of the need to re-jigger our cables and keep everything connected to the necessary splitters, etc.. This drove my Father-in-Law, a natural-born handyman, crazy.

We'll call him "Bob" and Bob did not appreciate wires just hanging down everywhere. He would do his best to wrap the cables around beams and joists, but to no avail. Our tangled web of technology was just too much of a mess to be dealt with in a few minutes.

After allowing this mess to exist for more than a year, I finally took a trip to my local home center and found cable staples!

To be honest, I've known about them for a while (I had just been too busy to tackle the daunting project of reworking where all of the cables were). With one hour and a hammer, I ended up with the pictures you see in this blog post. Not bad, right?

And the best part is these are cheap (just a couple of bucks for a package of them) and easy to install (just hammer them in).

Click here to buy some today and get those cables organized neatly! The link will take you to a general search. I did this so you can purchase the size of cable staple right for you (the ones I used were for coaxial cables, but they're made in many different sizes).


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